Within And Without


Zapphire Valentina-Presley

PROJECT METAMORPHOSIS is not a stage or a destination it is a life long journey.

Life is evolving, transformation is inevitable. To transform we need change. To change we must encourage growth. We only grow when we realise our truth within in any given circumstance.


Metamorphosis has previously been defined as “change in form or structure, as if by magic or sorcery.”


Much like the spectacle of metamorphosis when a caterpilla transforms into a butterfly, a human can transform life completely and never be the same again. Take the caterpilla for example, it positions itself in a safe and stable environment and appears from the outside world to be laying dormant, almost non-existent. However, inside its chrysalis our little friend is enduring an extreme make over to say the least.

Humans are much the same when they endure metamorphic adjustments, perhaps not so dramatic as the caterpillar, but perhaps for some, spiritual and physical is much the same, it can really alter an entire being. Have you ever caught up with a friend you have not seen for a long time and noticed that something about them is different but you cannot identify exactly what? They look different, yet are completely the same individual.

The old has gone and the new has emerged. There is no resemblance to the old and the former way of behaving will no longer work. It takes a while before the creatures wings unfold, but if try to you assist the butterfly, it will die. Finally, one flap of the wings and it is gone with the wind.


It is a transformation as complete and as astounding as one can be. A caterpillar cannot become a butterfly by behaving like one nor can butterflies give butterfly lessons to caterpillars.

It is said that people cannot change and spiritual leaders cannot do it for them either. WRONG. People can transform their lives completely IF THEY CHOOSE. Spiritual leaders, coaches, trainers CAN HELP in the process but ultimately it comes down to the individual seeking the change so much so they will sacrifice what ever it takes.

As the old saying goes “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink it.”

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Please share yourself, knowledge, wisdom on longevity of life, fitness and health concepts whilst we embark on the JOURNEY METAMORPHOSIS.

Know thy body, know thyself…..