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From Tears to Cheers! 7 Steps To Healthy Hair Restoration.


Hair Restoration Wicked Hair Salon


Hair restoration with Wicked Hair Salon’s, Chantal Harberland has the endurance of a long love affair,  many countless hours are spent together working towards the same result, in this case, successful hair restoration.

You never truly appreciate what you have until what you had is gone…..that saying resonates deeply and irritates me comfortably. Let’s face it, hair, it seems, at times, is in all the wrong places and requires constant maintenance. Chantal is recognised for not only owning and operating one of Sydney’s most elite salons but for her specialised ability to restore hair.


Lets face it, instant gratification; delayed ramifications IS the new black of hair. Women, in particular, are not even beginning to consider that extreme hair makeovers come with extreme consequences. We want our new look and we want it NOW.

Consider this, your hair, just like your body mind and soul, can only take so much stress and eventually, after continued exposure to various hair destroying elements,  you will find your hair not like it used to be! A hair love affair with Chantal is detailed and a rather steady investment, with assured results.





Step one to healthy hair is a consultation at Wicked Hair Salon with Chantal Harberland. Personally, for me, this was confronting and devastating. I had extreme hair damage resulting from lack of care due to excessive bleaching and colouring from model assignments and on top of that, alopecia, as discovered by Chantal during my consult, that I was completely unaware of and thankfully not visibly recognisable, but was a result of severe stress and hormonal changes. Thankfully, with Chantal’s expertise and generous knowledge, her warmth and sincere compassion and understanding to the emotional side of dealing with this process, together, we have been able to turn the tears into cheers date after date!


image  image image image

Wicked Hair Salon in Pyrmont saved my hair and I’m going to share with you just how.


I highly recommend that you book an appointment as soon as possible at Wicked Hair Salon with Chantal Harberland and have her personally tailor your hair restoration program. What I am about to share with you is specific to my condition, but there are some general day to day steps that you can start to do immediately.

- BOOK NOW your consultation with Chantal Harberland at Wicked Hair Salon in Pyrmont.

- Start taking an excellent nutrigenomix/vitamin product to ensure your body’s physiology is working systematically internally. For general health and well being and excellent results for alopecia I recommend AM PM Essentials




- KERATIN and MOISTURE treatments are going to BUY your hair TIME that it needs to strengthen and condition it as the old grows away and the new sprouts.

- Have regular TRIMS to prevent breakage from split ends

- If you colour your hair, particularly blondes, Chantal has devised an effective way to stay on trend with your do, without the use of harsh bleaching products! Chantal, as I mentioned, is very passionate about restoring hair. Listen to her guidance, take immediate action and your hair WILL RESTORE back to its natural ways.

- INVEST in salon hair products suggested by Chantal that you need for maintenance in-between salon treatments at home.

- Coconut Oil……leave in over night and wash out the next morning following Chantal’s 7 steps to healthy hair.

Thank you to Wicked Hair Salon in Pyrmont.  Since March this year, by following strict guidance instructed by Chantal Harberland, my hair is healthier and I am happier. Watch this space for updates on hair care and hair restoration tips as we continue the hair love affair.



Women Scream 2014 International Poetry Festival: Women and Violence

What a compelling event to be a part of, the 2014 Women Scream International Poetry Festival. Such vibrant literature, expressed tenderly, via poetic structure, was the voice of reason for women and children whose lives have been dominated and exposed to domestic violence and violent crimes. Scream 2014 was brought to Sydney by the impassioned and diligent Journalist Saba Vasefi. 1495199_744549375596920_606943804_o Saba Vasefi, an Iranian documentary filmmaker, poet and activist authoriezed by Women Poets International Movement located at the Dominican Republic, coordinated an event that belonged to the long worldwide chain of  over a hundred events in 37 countries. You won’t meet a women like Saba, astonishingly galvanized, in creating awareness and committed to creating a channel for women globally to feel safe to voice their experiences,  most in society would view unthinkable. Domestic violence is a very current and debatable issue, divulging across the world, which will continue, as long as the women and children exposed to this abhorrent behaviour are shunned upon by society, both directly and indirectly, leaving them no alternative other than to suppress in their darkest hour. Please know, I speak from sensibility in which I learned abuse to its cruelest intention throughout my life.


Although I attended as a guest, this time, my presence and support was 110%, amongst the crowd was Green’s Senator, Lee Rhiannon; who (quoted by Michelle Cahill in her blog) spoke of how violence is a reality for many women in Australia, “Indigenous women working to end more than two centuries of abuse; refugee women escaping from trauma, war and often torture; victims of domestic violence; women and girls exposed to sexual assault and rape.” She reminded us that 30% of women who suffer from domestic violence leave their place of employment. But these figures only reflect the cases reported: what of those effaced by society and our legal system?

  Kali Holmes IMAG0176_1 kali holmes 22 For documented review of the event, please visit the Women Scream official blog spot page below. http://womanscream.blogspot.com.au/2014/04/woman-scream-2014-sydney-australia.html

Illusions and Delusions of Grandeur


Easter break has been a very interesting curve. One that I would not change for the world, nor would I replicate if I had the chance. However, in life, change is inevitable and adversity is not to make or break you, but shape you. Thank you to the beautiful person who came into my life and shared the words below with me for now is the time to share with the rest of the world, its relevance could not be more timely. May the second quarter of the year bring you tremendous enlightenment!


Remember my friend, your thoughts; create your reality.

That your heart, is wiser than your intellect.

Where your heart; is humble enough to ask your soul, for guidance.

In comparison to that of your intellect.

Where your mind defines, characterizes and segregates your daily parameters and reality.

Established and conditioned through what past life experience you may have already be succumbed too.

Where others around us, label our dreams and fantasies as lopsided illusions and delusions of grandeur.

Nevertheless we know, our dreams are realistic objectives that we refine our life’s toward and can reside happily there in. Our vitality, being directly proportionate to the vividness of our visions and the clarity of our calling.

Directly corresponding to how we see and acknowledge the world around us.

Upon where we see and embrace that today; is as far removed from yesterday as tomorrow is awaited for today.

Open to the wonders of a thousand suns and worlds far beyond.

Detox Body and Mind Cleanse


images3is as unique and idiosyncratic to the individual as is the decision one makes in detoxing. I’m going to keep this article short and sweet, just like a detox should be.

TIMING is everything when clearing ones temple.  ENVIRONMENTAL factors you are subjected are your CHOICE. Choose wisely. INFLUENCE vs SUPPORT can make or break your first few days and can even be a deciding factor of whether or not you even go through with your sanitise. In stating this, it definitely won’t hurt you to be so courteous as to promulgate your “out with the old, in with the new” showdown.

If you have no common knowledge on health and fitness or detox then a bit of google research (consulting your local doctor or a naturopath is a pretty good idea i’d say, but who does that these days?!) won’t go astray.

TIPS to make note of and realise:

LISTEN to your body during detox, you know how it FEELS normally, then act respectively in relation to your thoughts and feelings over the duration of detox. This includes but is not limited to:

FOOD – which foods you crave – ignore sugar and red meats for the time, I’m talking about clean eating – veggies, fruit, nuts, legumes, fish etc.

SLEEPING/REGENERATION/HEALING – how long do you FEEL you need to sleep? What TIME do you go to bed and wake up?

TRAINING/WORK OUTS – how does your body FEEL? It is important especially at this time to tune into the mind/body connection and acknowledge any unusual feelings your body signals which otherwise are not apparent. Do you FEEL more tired or energised than usual?

RELATIONSHIPS – ELIMINATE TOXIC ones NOW. Cull anyone that no long contribute to your higher purpose and with love.

MEAL PLAN – Which foods have you decided to consume during this time? Follow your INSTINCTS…..  YOUR body will make you aware of how many days/weeks you FEEL you need to detox for.  Personally, around two weeks did it for me.

Side Effects:

Positive: energy levels increased, gained lean muscle mass, fat loss, metabolism increased, skin bright and luminous, relaxed, content, eyes bright and white, sleeping better, strength increase.

The basis of a detox is to eat as much raw food, including fruit, veg, super foods, balanced ratios of omega 3;s and 6′s, and to drink at least 3 litres of water a day.

My meal plan involved consuming 5-6 veggie or fruit meals a day with half the protein consumption usually and only eating fish and chicken. No red meat as my body wanted to vomit at the thought of consuming it.. (and it still does) Also, I have to admit I also quit a dirty little habit, yes social and “time out to relax” smoking. I was a social smoker and an “ill have a break and relax for five” kind of smoker. I knew that to quit smoking and detox and the same time, whilst dropping the vino was going to be toilsome, (and it was, to say the least, add to that, the ladies “red no go zone” ….timing was impeccable.)

You can’t put a price on health and I don’t like to think about the cost associated with diseases and down time due to ill health. YOUR reason WHY will by HOW LONG and WHY you remain focused to your end result which you must have in mind.

Week one – no training, just mild lifting, stretching and walking, enough to get the endorphins flowing and supercharge the metabolism for what was to come in week two. Lots of sleep and detox baths (recipe at the end)

The detox food I consumed was nothing too embellished, just lots of flavoursome condiments added to ginormous plates of every colour veggie you could imagine with dressings to bring these delightful detox delights life, exotic fruit salads, and salad after salad with as much super foods, nuts and grains to boost the fats.


Detox meal ideas

Meal one (otherwise known as breakfast): Green Smoothie with kale, protein powder, avocado, lime, coconut water and banana frozen. blend and drink immediately.

Train (lift)

Post work out nutrition: protein shake with water and ice cubes

Meal - salad – snow peas, combo bean mix, raddish, broccoli raw, baby spinach, rocket, tomato, cucumber, red cabbage, carrot, (anything else you like, want to substitute or can think of) Dressing: red wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice, mustard,

Meal -  every veggie in the market you can find – blanch in saucepan for five minutes ….. carrots, red cabbage, green string beans, zucchini, silver beat. Dressing: lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper, dill and parsley. Feeling like protein? Add fish – fried bit of oil and garnish as to your taste buds.

Detox bath recipe – fill with 3/4 hot water and 1/4 cold (or as hot as you can handle, don’t be soft, it needs to kind of feel like it is burning) Add – one whole lemon squeezed in quarters drop quarters in bath, 500g epsom salts,  1tsp bicarb soda, 3/4 cup apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons chopped ginger. Soak for two hours.


Happy detoxing. The first few days you will possibly wake up feeling like you have the flu until midday and then completely normal. My advice – get up just after lunch and miss the slump ;) ….





Intent To Freedomfit in 84days

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA cropped-freedom-fit-hdr-logo-376-120
It took me three weeks to work up the courage to reach out to Fatima Ingles, owner and coach of Freedomfit, for fear of judgement. It is such a huge thing for me to not live in denial or down play the domino effect that certain experiences have had on my life…..
Fatima’s program is incredibly different to other coaching programs I have considered in the past, that being, when I was looking for fitness inspiration only. Fatima  posted a Facebook status a couple of months ago regarding taking on new clients, but only, and specifically women, who have been subjected to abusive relationships or the victitm of violent crimes, I knew this was it.
The hardest thing when you have been through controlling, manipulative relationships or domestic violence, is to not fall into these types of situations in any type of relationship be it friend, lover or with family over and over again, or even just being surrounded by them. Therefore, it made perfect sense to me in commencing a program with Freedomfit as Fatima tailors training programs to the individual that helps them specifically to be able to reach their personal physique goals at what ever level they desire….. ALONG WITH coaching you through anything that comes up mentally and spiritually. Fatima has tailored a physique transformation program for me in which I will take 84days to reach my physique goal of two weeks out from “stage ready.” The other draw card for me choosing Freedomfit was that Fatima’s niche market is women who have come through abusive relationships. I just knew there was something very unique and special about becoming a part of the Freedomfit Team. I could whole heartedly relate to Fatima and I knew that she would be able to whole heartedly connect back to me.
Already, I am so grateful for being a part of Fatima’s Freedomfit Team. She is the most incredibly patient coach and so understanding. I am grateful for her time, her support and love, for accepting me, caring about me, listening to me, helping me to see who I am, reminding me of what I love, showing me how to love, teaching me self respect and for showing me how to shine light and be shimmering once again.



Fatima and I have our various forms of communication established and a schedule by which we commit to check in on certain days. This helps me to remain on track and accountable to Fatima and myself. It also makes it easy for Fatima to knows exactly where I am at in her program, be able to document and provide me with what is to come next. As a survivor of domestic violence and violent crimes, this form of mind/body transformation is a truly grueling and painful ride and one in which my higher self is awakening faster and my thoughts and intentions towards life are manifesting at lightening speed already. Instead of being afraid of my personal power and creative energy that is emerging, I am totally grateful for and embracing it.



I am going to share a personal email conversation below, between my coach and myself, from early in week two. The reason I am sharing this with you is purely because I want you to see that I am perfectly imperfect like the rest of you and that it is OK for YOU to be REAL too.





At the time of this communication between Fatima and I, I was feeling so overwhelmed with the awareness of  mental and spiritual energy blocks that were emerging as the body had now well and truly commenced its transition. In reaching this level of awareness, it has helped me in multitudes of ways in different aspects of my life.



Zapphire’s email to Fatima:
“I  never imagined this to be so overwhelming but it is and I am feeling it and dealing with it. I guess you were already knowing and expecting this part right now….part of the 12 week journey right….mind body soul freedom. I will start my journal as you suggested as do love writing and it always brings me clarity. I am so emotionally exhausted and have been on the verge of bursting into tears ever since I hung up the phone to you. BTW…I was in a taxi the entire time we were talking….talk about “Taxi Confessions!”(Do you remember the TV show?)
Anyway, I would like to see you on Friday please. I feel so blessed and happy that I have you in my life Fatima, what you have done for me already, on this painful ride, I am extremely grateful for.”
Fatima’s Reply to Zapphire:

No more excuses, no more stories, no more reasons why you can’t. It is time to get serious about making the change YOU want in your life, the change YOU have asked for, the change that will EMPOWER YOU!
To be that STRONG, POWERFUL & COURAGEOUS Zapphire, you MUST do the following starting right now!
  1. You MUST follow your nutrition plan
  2. You MUST follow your training plan
  3. You MUST follow your supplementation plan
It’s time to say goodbye to the victim Zapphire and hello – nice to meet you SURVIVOR Zapphire!
This is a process Zapph, it is NOT an immediate fix (there is no such thing) but I am here to guide you, to call you on your BS and to remind you that you can be that Strong, Powerful, Courageous woman … but it’s ok not to feel that way every second of every day. 

I want you to journal or simply voice record (on your phone) how you are feeling in those desperate, fearful moments – you know the ones i am talking about – when you feel like running in the other direction, like you just can’t do this, like it is all just too much, like no one else could possibly understand what I am going through! I know these feelings very well but I have learned how to beat them Zapphire and you will too!

We all go through our own battles in life and society teaches us to hide our inner truths from the rest of the world for fear of judgment. This is supposed to keep us “safe.” The adverse effect of the so called “safety” net results in attracting people into your life who are agenda, consciously or unconsciously they prey on your vulnerability for their own self motivated gains. When we are not living in our truth, suppressing our darkest fears and horrors, you will notice that relationships around us with “good people” have breakdowns in communication, self doubt sabotages the mind and you are open for negative entities to consume you.
Zapphire VP
Solution: The more transparent you are and truthful to yourself, the more you will receive truths and manifest what it is your heart desires. You will very quickly integrate new belief systems in your psyche and fast see straight through others BS and eliminate the junk from your life!
Your unconscious mind will at this time, ensure your conscious mind connects to your higher self as your awareness increases through living in your truth and trusting your instincts to guide you. what seemed to be the most unbearable problems of the world will disappear, the wrong people will exit your life, sooner rather than later, your limiting beliefs and negative behavioral patterns will diminish and you can begin to live life as I will be, with Freedomfit!

Day 1-14 “Physical Mental Spiritual Adjustments”

Zapphire Valentina-Presley

Hello world!

It takes 21 days to make a habit and 21 days to break a habit……In that case I have 7 days to go in the formation of my new habits working with my coach, Fatima Ingles of Freedomfit. No one said this was going to be easy, that’s probably because no one even knows I am doing this yet. My coach, Fatima, had given me a completely broken down 7 day nutritional plan which shows percentages of fat to carbs to protein consumption along with how many calories I am to consume daily tailored to my energy expenditure over a 24 hour period.  I successfully managed to break every dietary rule by day two. Yes I am perfectly an imperfect human…operation successful!

Karma officially struck at 12am Wednesday the 13th November when my body rejected the cheat meal I had consumed  (5 days earlier than I was supposed to) when I went out for dinner that evening. My “improvisation meal” had decided to leave the temple. AND then… for the next 10 hours, it was mind against body and lots of time to think about it after while I lay in silence, in darkness, recovering.


My fitness levels on the other had were on target. Currently I have a 6 day split resistance training program in which I do an all over body stretch for 15 minutes after, making each work out session in the gym approximately 1.5hours. Either side of this I do low impact cardio EVERYDAY for 1.5 hours to accelerate fat loss. The benefits of low impact cardio, which I do in the form of a brisk walk rather than running, is to preserve the muscles and encourage fat loss only. So far I can say that I am pleased with my gains during the first half quarter of the “chrysalis period.”


Mental and spiritual challenges have been tough. My trainer, Fatima Ingles, through coaching specifically and only women, is prepared for every excuse and emotional outburst (that she knows already will be coming at her) which allows me to be 110% raw, real and upfront with her and as a result Fatima and I work faster towards the next stage as we smash through each road block together.

Transition of any kind is challenging and especially when you have limiting belief patterns and self doubt. I know my strengths, but what good are they if I don’t work on my weaknesses? A body transformation is not just about the body. The body is a connection for your spiritual being to the material world in which you currently exist. This is exactly why it is so important to me and it should be to you too, that during any personal training commitment, to ALWAYS address the mind and soul along with the body, to achieve total balance as the overall outcome.

When Your Vision Is Powerful Enough…..





“When your vision is powerful enough, everything else falls into place: how
you live your life, your workouts, what friends you choose to hang out with,
how you eat, what you do for fun. Vision is purpose, and when your purpose
is clear so are your life choices. Vision creates faith and faith creates
willpower. With faith there is no anxiety, no doubt – just absolute
confidence.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger



The vicious circle of attaining that “perfect image” all began, for me, when I was in Primary School at age 12.  I remember it clearly.  Two girlfriends and I were talking about fitness and we all decided that I was the fattest since I did not participate in gymnastics and that was that.  There was no way I was at all even fat and neither were they, but being judgmental as humans are, we point out that someone is always more beautiful, someone always has less body fat and we remind ourselves that we can always do better.  Society will always be critical of this.


At that point I connected with another girl who was a fitness freak.  (Yes, fitness freak at age 12 – go figure..) We went out and bought our first mini trampoline from the sports store (Rowe and Jarman – if you are from Adelaide  you may remember this store…a very long time ago! lol), caught the bus home (do you realise that a mini tramp in a box is heavier and almost taller than a 12year old girl…so just take a second to imagine the commitment already!) and began bouncing away after dark and jogging or cycling during the day.  We wrote out fitness plans and analysed each and every body part and limb then came the eating plans (unhealthy mind you) and calculated every calorie and ounce of fat consumed – having no idea that this was not the key to the ultimate strong womanly physique we desired.



Before long I thought stuff food, I’m over it, why eat at all if this is what makes you fat?!  So I began throwing out my recess and lunch at school and skipping breakfast.  I hated dinner time as we always sat down as a family and I had no choice but to eat or I would not be allowed to leave the dinner table.  Where I could I would feed it to the dog or pretend to need to use the toilet, excuse myself, grab a mouthful and flush it away.  At school I would eat an apple a day thinking that was overdoing it so after school I would do some tramp work, followed by a run and then sit ups and stretches.


 ”You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddah


My parents suspected something was bothering me and my mum tricked me into going to the doctors with her.  I had the full height/weight check over and was found to be 14% below ideal body weight.  To have anorexia you have to be 15% below body weight.  I thought the doctor was lying and couldn’t believe my mum would assume such a thing and in denial stormed off wondering what all the fuss was about, after all, I was just trying to lose weight and attain the “perfect image posted across magazines.”  The doctor explained I must eat from the five food groups.  I thought this was a joke.  On weekends my mum would make my lunch (one and a half sandwhiches to be exact) and I would insist on eating outside and either feed it to the dog or hurl it over the neighbours fence.  I lost count how many bowls of cereal, salad sandwhiches and pork chops flew over there.


“When you look in the mirror, you have to see yourself as you are – and as
you want to be as well. You have to see in your mind’s eye the masses of
muscle you will be creating, the powerful physique that is in your future.
Focusing on such images gives your mind and body a clear-cut, a well-defined
goal to strive for.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger 




My turning point was a gruelling 7yrs later (age 18) when I met Duncan Maxwell, my very first personal trainer and gave kick boxing a go, loved it bought a 6ft bag, some gloves and figured I was on a home run….almost.  (It was a great stress relief and I just imagined that the bag was the doctor who lied to my mum and caused all this!!!!)  Soon I became a member at a gym near my house and started weight training with Duncan as my PT.  I moved to Sydney a few months after that and met my next personal trainer John in 2000, a close friend to this day.  He trained me hard and made me eat!!  I even started taking protein powder! My biggest fear of taking protein powder was that I thought I was going to grow massive muscles, bulk up and turn into a man!  Impossible.  However, it is funny how now I take anything recommended or formulated specifically for men and still haven’t yet attained the muscle mass I would ultimately choose to have!




John made it clear to me not to waste his time and show my seriousness and pushed me to start reading about muscle growth and learn about eating to gain tone and shape.  This meant eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day.  I finally found my release and discovered that weight training was going to help me to obtain the physique I had been chasing all these years.  Duncan and then John who worked with me and still does encourage me had such an impact on me and I can’t thank them enough to this day.  I continued on my new found fix and eight years later, January 2007, I was working on set a film in Sydney and met my next inspiration and personal trainer, IFFB judge and true legend, Nathan Page.


Resolve to be thyself: and know, that he who finds himself, loses his misery.” – Matthew Arnold


Nathan suggested that I take my training to the next level and consider competing in figure.  It is sometimes good to have a reason for or motivation to train. This option came to me at a time in my life after I had stopped training hard for months and had only begun dabbling in weights again with out worrying about diet, so I was not making any gains and lost a lot of muscle in fact.  Training in 2006 had been irregular due to a trauma early that year that rocked me mentally, physically and emotionally.  On a downward spiral praying that the only way was up, I saw training for figure as a new focus and a way to build up my confidence and create a strong body and strong mind again.  My biggest fear was that I wouldn’t make enough gains to compete and that my trauma could interfere with my training.  The complete opposite happened.  I became stronger, harder, more determined to train harder and eat cleaner and never, never, never gave up.  Through my brother (another fitness guru) I contacted Nick Jones and worked with the Gen-tec team at the fitness expo that year and flooded myself with information.  I went as a spectator to the IFBB Australasian comps that year and met body building legend Chris Cormier who I trained with and discussed ‘the fosho lifestlye’ choice while he was in Sydney too.  However it was Nathan Page who helped me at that point to eliminate fears and overcome insecurities about my training goals.




The style of training I learnt with Nathan Page was larger sets and higher repetitions and lower weight.  That helped me at a time to produce sculpted muscles, not necessarily mass.  I previously trained hard and heavy with the intention of gaining mass and still found it hard to make gains.  During the time I trained with Nathan Page I made the most quality gains in all my training history.  That year, 2007, I decided to enter in the INBA sports model competition in Sydney and won third place. Without Nathan’s encouragement and ongoing support during that time I would not have a lot of the knowledge and determination that I have today.  For this I am for ever grateful.


  “In each of us are places where we have never gone. Only by pressing the limits do you ever find them.” – Dr. Joyce Brothers


A good trainer is not only motivating and encouraging but educating.  Your trainer should listen to what it is you  want to improve on and put  together a program targeting those areas.  On commencing any body transformation, you will have to  make some sacrifices and today I am at a time  again to get serious. My motivation is for overall  mental and physical strength. Some personal downfalls in the last couple of years were my excuse for my training distraction, but in acknowledging that, this was the push I needed to get back on track.




Late last year I had the pleasure of another body formation with Duncan Maxwell (my dear friend from the beginning and very first ever personal trainer, yes, the original sin) at his private and massive gym in a very cool and modern environment called The Energy Clinic. Here, I trained 6 times a week and hard. Training is for life, it IS a “lifestyle” choice and I am still not where I believe my ultimate is but definitely on the right road.




I was blessed to have such  an inspiring trainer in Duncan who believed in my training goals and pushed me positively to achieve them week after week.


He taught me, all over again and that was OK to start over at what seemed the beginning, again. It was the fact that I was in the gym daily, picking up weights and eating the right foods, resting and obtaining results. What I have noticed yet again was that consistency is the key. Duncan constantly pushed me and listened to my concerns and worked on me, with me.


  “The Law of Belief says that you do not necessarily believe what you see, but you see what you have already decided to believe.”


Every period of my training history over the years with different trainers has been different and tailored to suit my body at that time. My point in sharing all this is so that you understand that you need to be open to change, try new things and see what works for you as we are all different and our bodies change through the years as we age too, so never get stuck in your comfort zone, thinking  that doing the same thing year in and out will do, because it won’t.




Whilst in Sydney I used to train 4 days a week with weights and do 20min of high intensity interval training or a soft sand jog from Dee Why Beach to Long Reef and back followed by a swim on other days.  I kept cardio to the minimum because due to my body type  it turns catabolic if I as much look at a treadmill let alone get on one!!   I have long limbs and it has taken consistency, discipline and stuck to a very strict diet of 6-7 meals a day to achieve my goals.


My nutritionist is, has and always will be my brother Bradley. (Also a personal trainer, on the side to his usual day job and non-competitive body builder and professional cyclist) He has also been my long distance trainer for years and has helped me to achieve a solid foundation and understanding of muscle building.  He has a wealth of knowledge also, from reading, trying and testing, as is the only way to discover what works for you.  What works for one may not work for another.  There is no quick fix.


“Discipline comes from the joy of looking forward to achieving the goal you have learned to picture so clearly in your mind and consistently hammering
away, rep by rep, set by set, workout by workout.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger  



Firstly I would like to point out that I hate the word ‘diet’, it makes me cringe. It is a nasty word which makes me think of all the fads out there that mislead me on a dangerous and disastrous path of self hate.  I like to replace the word ‘diet’ with meal planning.  Over the years I had tried the zone diet, the high carb diet, the atkins diet, the liver cleansing diet, fruit and veg diets and many more I made up myself.




One of my favourite “diets” I tried and tested a few years back was advised from Bradley, at a time I was looking for something different, sick of everything and food in general. The anabolic, which is a high fat, high protein, low carb diet.  This went against the grain of everything I had learnt so it was mentally challenging to unleash and let go (most body builders struggle with the fact that they do not know it all and are unteachable – if it was easy, everyone would be doing it I guess!) to make progress with a new concept.  I thought eating fat would make me fat.  However, after reading the book “The ANABOLIC diet” written by Mauro DiPasquale, I understood this was not the case and had all relevant health checks prior to commencement.




The idea of the anabolic diet is to use fat for energy instead of carbs whilst building muscle.  The Anabolic Diet maximises the production and utilization of the Big 3 growth producers – testosterone, growth hormone and insulin, naturally.  Realising after a while that I was needing a little more bulk for energy I decided to refine my diet a little more.  I started to eat 3 high carb/high protein meals in the first half of the day and the last 3 meals were high fat/high protein.  High fats as in nuts, olive oil, fish oil.


“There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning
desire to possess it.” – Napoleon Hill  


Bradley introduced me to a computer program , which to this day is about as important as oxygen is to me, called “Calorie King.” This helps me configure targets so that I have all my calories calculated each meal each day and know exactly what I am consuming at every meal to build muscle.  It pays to note down what you eat so you can look back and change things around if you are not reaching your goals.  Organisation is the key to eating correctly too.  Every Monday do 1week worth of shopping – meat, tuna, veg, cottage cheese, nuts, oils, eggs, rice, oats, frozen berries etc.  It then takes me an hour and a half to prepare the following weeks meals.  The only things I pre-cook are: 2kg of chicken – boiled and I pan fry 1kg of lean beef.  Once cool I cut and weigh the meat into 100g portions, put in freezer bags and put it in the freezer.  I then boil brown rice, white rice, and 2 dozen eggs.  This leaves the rest of the weeks preparation minimal and easy.  Each night I take out three portions of meat make up meals for the next day.




Weight training has taken me to another level mentally, physically and spiritually.  I understand the equal importance of training efficiently in the gym, organised meal planning, and rest to gain results.  Advice to women out there fearing bulking up.  It is impossible unless you take drugs.  You will be able to sculpt and retain your femininity if you choose to.  Find yourself a good trainer and be consistent.  Discipline and consistency is the key…




What keeps me going is that I know every time  I walk into the gym and train followed by eating and resting correctly I will only look and feel better week to week.


 Kali Holmes




The rhythm of the body


The melody of the mind


Creates the harmony of the soul.